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The Simplest Way To Create Change

In short, we think action creates change. And it's true taking action does create change because all results come from action. That's a no brainer, right... But what we don't understand is where does action come from, how do we take the actions that get the results we want?

All actions are created from our feelings, everything we do is because we want to feel a certain way. Usually what we're seeking is happiness. We want success because we think it'll make us happy, we want more money or a better job because we think it'll make us happy. Any goal we set is usually because somehow we think we will be happier if we accomplish it.

So if we know that our feelings create actions and actions take us closer or further away from our goals, then we have to learn where our feelings come from. We think our feelings come from the world around us, our relationships, our circumstances, situations we find ourselves in, etc. but they don't. Our thoughts are what give the world around us meaning, we don't feel anything about a given circumstance until we have a thought about it. Our thoughts create our feelings. The thoughts we think over and over again become our beliefs and our beliefs about the world determines our experience. We create the experience, or the results of our lives with our thoughts.

Becoming aware of what we are thinking is the easiest fastest way to changing anything we want. What if it really was that simple? Well, that's exactly what I want to help people realize as I coach them and uncover the thoughts that are running on autopilot in their minds. We aren't even aware of most of our thoughts that are hindering our growth or stopping us from achieving our deepest desires.

Awareness is where we have to start, and if we can gain that awareness our growth can be tremendous. Once we become aware of what we are thinking and that all those thoughts are optional, we can believe whatever we want. We are free to experience the world in an intentional way and we determine how we want to live.

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