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welcome to q4, let's simply thrive now & finish out the year with confidence

wow, it's september! my favorite month of the year!

what if i told you the quickest way to start on your dreams, goals, aspirations and deepest desires could be just to be you? settle into your unique talents, gifts, and abilities.

next step, believe that you can achieve anything you want. release the self-judgment, rush and anxiety of being somewhere else, anywhere but here...

be present with your life, who are you? what do you want? without shame, self-judgment and anxiety, what do you actually want? and why?

over the past few months i have had many, many conversations with incredible people as they strive to accomplish something specific to them. i help my people see how their mindsets effects everything. our mindset most especially effects us as we strive to do things differently and create new outcomes. but we often try to do new things without examining our mindset. we continue to carry the same limiting beliefs and then we are confused why we can't get ourselves to behave differently.

as i look back on hundreds of pages of notes from my recent coaching calls, there is a common thread in our humanity. we want to get somewhere else and we think there is something wrong with us, and that's why we aren't there yet.

we have such a hard time being mindfully present with now. we are always looking for ways to get to the next step. we are always pushing the goal post further and further out of reach, every time we achieve something, we can hardly take the time to celebrate.

we are always striving to be anywhere but here, and we blame it on our own flaws and imperfections. we subconsciously believe that we should have arrived at the desired result a really long time ago... everyone has created a story of why they haven't yet, or can't, get there... i get to help them uncover these beliefs.

when we see that the stories we tell are created in our minds to make sense of the world, we learn to recognize them for what they are, just stories. these stories are not simply the truth. then we can see that who we are and our unique gifts, talents, attributes and desires are our gifts to the world instead of problems to be solved.

we can write new stories and create new realities. but not because we should or have to but because we can.

we change best when we feel good during the messy middle of hard work and striving. the easiest way to feel good during the process is to be you, self-acceptance and love.

so let's crush your q4 by being you, in all your imperfect glory!

miracles will happen, magic will unfold, joy will be experienced, momentum will start to build and you will find yourself thriving.

xoxo, abby jane

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