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Top 3 reasons you aren't losing weight

#1 We don't know how we got here in the first place. But we think the results of our lives come from the circumstances in which we live. We fail because we don’t know the truth about results! So we SIMPLY must learn what causes our results! Our results come from the actions we take, everything we do. Everything we do is because we want to feel a certain way, we are always seeking a feeling. We don't realize this, but truly everything we do is because we want to feel happy, confident, accomplished etc. and endless list of feelings. So if we can become aware of our feelings and learn that our thoughts create feelings, we become aware of the fact that all of our results started first with a thought. So the power to change our lives is realizing that our thoughts create our results. This is what we call the model. The prevailing model in our culture is that our experience of life is created outside of us. That what happens to us on the outside determines our experience on the inside. People or circumstances can make us happy, angry, sad, or loving, and therefore the game of life is to find, attract, and create the right people and circumstances in order to have more of the good feelings and fewer of the bad ones. But this just isn't true. When we understand that ultimately our thoughts CAUSE results, our lives take off!

#2 We aren’t aware of our thinking. We don't take the time to slow down and realize that our thinking is determining our experience. Once we realize that all problems are thought problems, and that we are just experiencing our thinking we experience lasting change and growth.

#3 We think it's going to be too hard. We think we don't have enough time to focus on it, that it's going to be a miserable experience. And we look to our past experiences of trying and only see failure and misery and stuff that didn't work. What if you could learn how to lose weight effortlessly and change the way you think about weight loss?


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