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mindset reboot & habits overhaul

begins January 16th, 2023

I am here to help you create any habit you want. Literally, I can help you form a rock-solid habit in any area of your life. It will be fun and it will only take about 5 minutes a day!

Whether it's exercise, eating healthy, waking up early, getting stuff done, limiting technology (for you or your kids), starting a mindfulness practice, reading books again, learning/studying of any kind, keeping in touch with friends and family, being patient and kind in your interactions with family, parenting, learning a new instrument, quitting procrastination on all the things, etc. I have the solution for you, and it's even going to be fun in the process!

By now, you have tried to work on some of your New Year's resolutions, right? You may have even quit some already, but that doesn't have to mean you aren't on the right track. Up to this point you may have found it hard, confusing, complex, frustrating and exhausting to try to get yourself to make the progress you want. You tell yourself, "these are simple things," so why the heck can't you get yourself to do them?

And that's why this is not only a course, but it's also a challenge, meaning there is added accountability and points for all your participation. You will get the added bonus of competing for un prizes as you create lasting personal habits. It starts on January 16th, instead of January 1st. Because by now you've probably tried a few things, "gone all in" on something but maybe lost steam or motivation...some stuff just hasn't worked and you are ready to try something new!

In this challenge you will be doing small things everyday to help you thrive and enjoy your current life, no matter the circumstances, while also learning a sustainable way of accomplishing your own specific goals.

We all want to start this year strong, we all want to set goals, but most importantly we all want to create a process or system for achieving anything. Starting here with this reboot can be a great way to create that system.

During the 12 week program you will receive a daily email with habit hacks, goal setting prompts, contemplative questions to get you to your why, bite-sized tips & tricks for habit creation, actionable things you can do daily to create lasting results in your life. you will also receive a link to check in daily as you track your habits. Each daily check in counts as a point to your challenge score and enables you to participate in the prizes given away. You can ask questions and receive coaching via voxer throughout the 12 weeks. This is the biggest added value and what makes this a completely different course than you have ever taken before. This is basically you having a high performance mindset coach as your one-on-one support to figure out how to apply everything to you specifically (this is a 2k+ value). Doing the work in the prompts will give you a clear picture of EXACTLY what you want to accomplish with your unique aspirations, and I will show you exactly how to do it!

prizes include

-Amazon gift cards

-a copies of my favorite habit books

-extra private coaching sessions with me

-my favorite journals and notebooks

-and some of my favorite active wear products and merch

So what's the challenge? Because you can do it on your own, but it's way more fun when we work together, add fun competition, have a coach in your back pocket, create systems for success with a timeline and necessity, with accountability and engagement to show up daily for yourself. There will never been a better time than NOW to start showing up for yourself in a big way.

Human behavior scientists have shown through years of research that people change when they feel good. And we feel best by living into our values in small ways and celebrating the small wins on a regular basis. So that is why we are going to get to work on a daily basis in small ways.

While you participate in this challenge you will spend about 5 minutes a day doing small meaningful habits, while also learning how to create sustainable habits to accomplish any goal. This process is fun and easy and unlike anything you have tried to use to make big life changes.

Doing small things every day is the only true way to thrive. Breaking our goals into tiny behaviors, and doing them consistently allows us to enjoy the process along the way.

Habit research, my own experience, and my work with clients has taught me that these habits are foundational and can be the most important habits to adopt into your daily routine. They are only the beginning of a thriving life, but you will immediately start to feel a difference.

The next 12 weeks of habit hacks, goal prompts, tracking points, accountability, personal support and coaching will help keep you motivated, engaged and excited to form new habits and crush your goals.

If you want to thrive while accomplishing your goals, create a system that will serve you to be able to do it again and again in the future, and enjoy the process of growth, this is for you.

Let’s go. Join here and good luck!

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