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Why does inspiration come while in the shower?

Does anyone else get flooded with great ideas in the shower? Or figure out the answer to a big problem you've been going over and over in your head? I've read about it in books but am still always pleasantly surprised every time...totally awesome.

I published my website months ago and felt excited and confident about how I wanted to enter the public world with my business name. But as I recently finished up my coach certification, the next phase of my training is stressing choosing a niche and how it has to be so specific and dialed in...and I just keep thinking "but I just want to teach people how to SIMPLY THRIVE NOW!" Then it dawned on me that the reason I choose that name was because it encompasses basically everything I can offer my clients. The tools are simple and anyone can learn and apply them. They truly help all who try them out to thrive in the day to day normal parts of life. And that relief from the discomfort of whatever we're dealing with in life is available right now, in this very moment. So when I tell people that I can help them simply thrive now, I know it's possible, because I have experienced it.

So I am sticking with that name but dialing in on one program to specifically begin with. I have been honing it and reworking it over the last few months and have seen some great success for my clients so far. What a joy it is to share!

I love things that are short and sweet!

Abby Jane

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