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Who I Coach and Why

I coach women in weight loss and self confidence, specifically women after returning from full-time missionary service for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I offer them a way to lose weight and regain confidence without diets or stress. I offer them a way to better understand why they're overweight in the first place and how they can simply never worry about it again in the future. During our time together they learn how to confidently transition back after full-time missionary serve and Simply Thrive Now in the next stage of life.

I've been there before, I served a mission and totally loved it but came home feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with the next phase of life. I didn't know how to go from focusing 100% of my time and efforts on serving others to focusing on me and my personal goals. I was overweight and frustrated, and even frustrated that I was frustrated. I teach them the tools to overcome all the obstacles that get in our way at this stage of life so they can SIMPLY THRIVE NOW!

I love teaching these tools to my beautiful people!!!

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