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What if losing weight was easy?

I recently asked a client this question, "what if losing weight was easy?" Her simple response was, "well then, I'd for sure do it!" Why do we want things to be easy? And why do we think the things we want to be easy, are actually very hard? What if it was as simple as changing the way you think about weight loss?

Why do we want anything? Because of the way we think it will make us feel. We're motivated by our feelings. The worst that can happen is a feeling, and the best that can happen is a feeling. When we realize this we aren't scared of our feelings and we begin to be willing to feel any feeling. So if what we want is a feeling and we know where our feelings come from, we can create anything we want. All feelings are generated by our thoughts. So becoming aware of our thoughts is the best place to start if we ant change. Most of our thoughts are running on autopilot and so we aren't even aware that we are choosing our feelings.

To make weight loss easy, we just need to change the way we think about it. Then we will feel differently and our whole experience will be different. If we think losing weight is fun and easy, we will feel confident that we will follow through with our plan. Just like my client who said she would for sure do it, if it were easy. The actions generated from that place of confidence truly create the actions and results of lasting weight loss.

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