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creation coaching

“You can't use up creativity.

The more you use, the more you have."

- Maya Angelo -

i love this quote about creativity. i love anything to do with creativity and cultivating a love of creation in any way. but i think i love this quote so much because, i feel like what is true about creativity, is also true about so many other incredibly useful emotions, or states of being that create massive results.

mindfulness, love, kindness, consistency, sufficiency, contentment, enoughness, are all examples of useful emotional states of being that are more than just a feeling, but also a belief that powers them. they are more helpful because when used, they create more of themselves and never run out. you can't use up all your mindfulness. you can't use up all your love, you can't run out of kindness. you simply can't ever reach a point where you have gotten enough contentment and you're fresh out and can't have anymore or don't want anymore.

the more mindfulness you use, the more you get. the more love you give, the more you feel. the more kindness you express the more capable of kindness you become. the more consistently you show up for what matters to you, the easier it becomes to keep going. the more you feel contentment the more you look for reasons to find joy in the simple things of life. i like to think of these qualities, or states of being as a thought/feeling combo as the energy we bring to our actions. these energies we bring to our actions are powerful and can make or break the effort we put into any action we take.

when we bring these self-generating energies to any task, we produce more energy to accomplish the things that matter. we make our success inevitable because we will never feel depleted or used up or burned out. take some time to think about the types of energies you bring to the hardest part of your current life. i'd bet they aren't types of sufficiency, but rather scarcity. when i find myself stuck or not being able to make the progress that i want, i realize i'm bringing some type of lack energy and it just isn't useful. i simply notice it, and find sufficiency and begin again.

becoming aware of the our state of being, or the energy we bring to our behaviors is a life skill that will change everything. cultivate it this week by noticing your thought/feeling combo in different tasks throughout the week.

let's get creative with creativity. it is one of the most beautiful energies we can use in the world, access it through your feelings, how are you feeling right now? when was the last time you created something? what do you want to be creative about today? spend a few minutes getting curious with your own creativity.

when i think about my big dreams and what i want to create, i feel alive! to me feeling alive is a combo of amazing and terrible...nervous, excited, scared, anxious,'s paradoxical, and that's okay.

what do you want to create this month? what if you spent 5 minutes everyday on this creation over the next month? go create something awesome, or just spend a few minutes brainstorming what awesome would look like for you.

i’m a mindful habits life coach — i help you reclaim your personal power and unlock your potential. i help you dream big, stand strong in your decisions and create momentum in your life. you will decide what’s essential for your unique life and get rid of the noise and comparison. you will be more physically rested, mentally refreshed, authentically liberated, emotionally grounded and stop overthinking. through deliberate habit creation, together we design a consistent lifestyle so you can simply thrive now. start with personally answering these questions. good luck.

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