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I Love Coaching!

The thought work and mindset coaching I do is incredibly rewarding. I couldn’t love it more, helping people solve their own problems is thrilling.

I received my training from the best coaches and have learned the most amazing tools. It’s causal coaching, so instead of fixing symptoms and teaching action tools we get to the root cause of the problem and solve it there.

For example with people who want to lose weight, being overweight is caused by over eating, simply eating more than your body needs. But why do people over eat? Well, a million different reasons but they all come back to over desire. So we solve the over desire problem and that solves the weight problem with lasting results.

Anyone can give you an exercise plan to build muscle and an eating protocol to lose weight. Different plans work for different people, there is no one size fits all here. In weight coaching I help my clients get to the bottom of why they aren't following through with those plans. Then we solve for that why.

What I've come to realize is that the eating protocols and exercise plans that work for people are really just the protocols and plans that they decide they're willing to work for. When you see something work for someone else, and you then try it out believing it'll work and then you actually do the work without quitting. It actually works! When you see someone with results that you want, you try it but then decide it's too hard and it won't work for you...just like that it also turns out that it actually won't work for you. But only because you decided you weren't willing to work for it.

I have lots of examples of eating protocols and exercise plans that work for different people I've coached, in the end it is up to them to decide what they're wanting to make work. They learn to become mindful of how their minds and bodies respond to their plans.

It's usually a combination of learning to overcome urges, manage your mind as you make a plan and stick to the plan, question all the thoughts that try and distract from that plan, and giving yourself grace all along the way. And to get moving, it's different for everyone, but most people can find some type of movement that they enjoy. The learning process is easier and harder than we think it will be. But here is joy in the process of becoming a better version of yourself everyday.

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