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I’m always talking about celebration with my clients, most people think it’s weird to celebrate small wins and following through tiny habits. But it literally is the one thing that solidifies habits!

Did you know that all habits, good and bad ones, form the same way?  They start small, they fit seamlessly into your life by becoming part of your existing routine and then they grow & solidify with your emotions. That's it.

When I say celebrate, I don’t mean delayed rewards or incentives though. I mean, the moment after you do the habit, immediately you celebrate. Usually this happens without us even being aware of it, like with junk food, Netflix and scrolling social media. When we use personal celebration, immediately after completing our habits, we hack the same system that normally works against us when we are trying to reach our goals or create the life we long for. I know it sounds silly, but it works. Think of professional athletes, when they score a goal and do a victory dance. Or when your baby is learning to walk, you are encouraging every tiny step, they love the attention and keep on trying. This is a similar psychological process. It is just hacking the reward circuitry in your brain. If you use even a small amount of positive emotion, aka dopamine, by celebrating your success, your brain will want to go back and do this behavior again and again.

What are your small wins today? How will you celebrate your tiny successes?

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