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An easy way to start exercising

I created Simply Thrive Now to help people understand the power of our minds and how the thoughts we choose to think determine how we feel, what we do and the results we create in our lives. Everything we do in life is because we want to feel a certain way, our feelings drive our actions, which create our results. But the thing that we often miss, is that all our feelings come from our thoughts not our circumstances.

Today I would like to teach you how to accomplish any goal by using your future self to help you get there. To achieve anything you want that you have not yet done, go to your future self to find out what that person thinks having already accomplished the goal. Once you know the thought and how you’ll feel about it, you can figure out the actions you want to take and then the results fall into place. 

For example, Exercise was very important to me but I struggled to create a daily habit. I asked myself what if I already had the habit, what would I do today if I was already a daily exerciser? I saw my future self thinking exercise was simply a beautiful part of my daily life and I never miss. Understanding that future model helped me realize I had been thinking I had to first do the work of building a habit of daily exercise, and that was hard. So I choose to believe my thoughts from that future place instead and that changed everything for me, and I felt confident that I could do it. Since then I have been able to thrive, not missing more than a few of days of exercise for almost a year.  Seeing myself in the future, already the person I wanted to become allowed me to develop the habit I had been striving for. All because I simply changed my thought.

The power is all in our minds with the thoughts we choose to believe right now.

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