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healthy holiday habits challenge round two

So many people started the first healthy holiday habits challenge and totally loved it. I got a ton of messages about how much people loved the challenge but wanting to be better at tracking because they sometimes forgot. So I wanted to come up with a way to help you all succeed even more! Round two is going to be amazing, and I think you are going to love it!

We all want to thrive this holiday season, but also have goals for next year on the back burner of our minds...we think we can't have both right now, but that's simply not true, join this challenge and I will help you thrive and enjoy this season while also getting ready to crush your goals in the new year.

This time I am going to give away even better prizes, with random prizes given throughout, send you daily habit hacks, and provide coaching & prompts that will help you have a clear picture of EXACTLY what you want to accomplish in the New Year (your unique aspirations), and how to do it!

1st place is a Zyia Active Wear $100 gift card, a copy of the book Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg, and 6 week coaching package ($1000 value).

2nd place is $50 Amazon gift card, a copy of the book Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg, and 3 week coaching package ($500 value).

3rd place is copy of the book Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg and a coaching session ($175 value).

(There will also be a prize given away each week for those participating, just to keep things fun and surprising).

So what's the challenge? Do these fives things every single day and report your progress daily through an online Google form. You have to track daily to get your points for that day!

I know that you will not only enjoy the process, but you will learn the value of starting small in order to grow big. We are starting where you are, if you aren't doing any of these things, it'll be a 1 minute version of them. The habits are:

  1. mindfulness

  2. gratitude

  3. drink more water

  4. brain food

  5. movement

(I will be sharing details about each of these five habits this week before the challenge starts, so you know everything you need to about what, why & how).

The person with the most points on New Year's Day Wins!

(you can start the challenge with extra points by inviting your friends to participate with you, each friend that uses your name in the entry form is a point you are ahead starting the challenge on Monday December 7th, 2020).

The prizes are some of my favorite things that I love to gift during the holidays, I wanted to start early this season.

While you participate in this challenge you will spend about 5 minutes a day doing these healthy holiday habits, while also learning how to create sustainable habits for anything you want to accomplish. You will enjoy the holidays and be ready to literally hit the ground running come January when you want to start those new years resolutions (aka aspirations).

Doing small things everyday is the only true way to thrive. Breaking our goals into tiny behaviors, and doing them consistently allows us to enjoy the process along the way.

I am so grateful for the tiny changes I have made that actually make all the difference in my life, so I narrowed it down to the 5 simple things that will help you start to grow a thriving life. They’re so small, you are going to argue that they can’t possibly make a difference. I know that they do though, so much so, that I wanted to give you an incentive to try them out.

Habit research, my own experience, and my work with clients has taught me that these are the five most important habits to adopt into your daily routine. If you are already doing these, you can simply increase them or use your skill of consistency to start tracking and evaluating your progress. These five habits are only the beginning of a thriving life, but you will immediately start to feel a difference.

I practice mindfulness daily, I do at least ten minutes of guided meditations and simple thought awareness exercises. I end each day writing in a gratitude journal with 3 things I am grateful for. I drink at least 80 ounces of water every day. I eat several of these brain foods daily. I run a few miles a day. But I didn't start out doing these things, I simply started with the 1 minute version, like I am challenging you all to do. I was able to make the habits stick and then once they were firmly planted, I was able to grow them bigger. I have a lot of progress yet to make, of course, but it is such a joyous process I can't not share it with as many people as possible this holiday season.

It's $49 to join, this is simply to keep you excited, motivated, accountable, engaged, and to give you incredible tools so will actually follow through with your commitments because you are investing in you!

So join me now, here. good luck friend!

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