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brain foods & more water

You are what you eat, you've heard it a million times, but is it true?

One of my favorite articles on this topic is by Jim Kwik, he's a brain coach and teaches all things related to brain health and wellbeing. Here's the article. What we eat affects our brains and our bodies and therefore how we feel and what we do.

I try to make these brain foods part of everyday meals so that I feel my best. What we eat is one of the best ways we can practice self-care. 

We often get confused about self-care and we talk about "treating ourselves" with junk food or any number of things that don't actually nourish our minds and bodies. 

Let's reframe self-care and make it about actually giving our minds and bodies what they need to thrive. When we eat these brain foods we are making our health, mind and body, a priority. 

So during this challenge try to incorporate lots of these food into your diet. If you didn't read the link, those brain food are, avocados, blueberries, broccoli, coconut oil, eggs, salmon, green leafy veggies, turmeric, walnuts, and dark chocolate.

I bet they will be really easy to add to existing meals you already make or added as snacks. Sometimes I throw a bunch of them in the blender with ice, add water, juice or almond milk and make a brain food smoothie. 

You can find hundreds of people giving testimonials on hundreds of different diets, and they all work as long as people are willing to work for those diets. That's not what we're doing here though, we are just adding healthy food to your existing diet. It's way easier and less stressful to add healthy food, than it is to subtract unhealthy food.

And same goes with your water consumption, people often realize they are drinking too much of all the wrong things, coffee, diet soda etc. But if you simply up your intake of water, you will realize that you end up not drinking all the other stuff you have been wanting to quit. So I would recommend becoming aware of how much water you are currently drinking, and then increase from there. Everyone's needs are different, so we aren't going to set a specific amount to drink. But we can increase from wherever you are. To be able to complete this part of the challenge you need to choose a glass of water before other beverages. When you are thirsty, simply drink water. If you have any questions, let me know. 

And lastly, how will you celebrate your habit of eating these brain foods and choosing water? Add at least one brain food to each meal throughout the day during this challenge. This may be the easiest anchor moment yet, while you are eating, it's easy to remember to eat a brain food. When you are thirsty it's easy to remember to drink water first.

Take a moment to realize just how awesome you are as you are nourishing your mind and body and following through with this commitment to yourself.

Good luck as you think about how you will cultivate these tiny habit into your day during this challenge.

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